We plant trees but, you plant stones. We give offerings to the nature but you take everything from them. Who do you think you are? Not a single matter is unlimited. If you take everything without giving it back, it will be running out. And if it is running out, what can you do? It can be true that now it’s enough for all of you, but how about for your children? Someday if you keep doing those bad things, your children will curse their ancestor for being such greedy and selfish. Do you want it to happen? Who do you think you are?

When a couple of men in the other side of the your world is walking miles and miles away, on a hot and dusty road only to find a bucket of water for their family. For them to drink. And you? You waste millions of money, galloons of water and a huge portion of fresh air; only for your satisfaction, for your happiness, and for your social status while others are suffering and crying because of what you’ve done. Do they feel the satisfaction and happiness of you? Who do you think you are?

When it comes the day when you are no longer breathe and see, do your realize that you’re all the same with the others? Regardless what you have in the world when you’re still alive. Do you think that you will live forever? What an arrogant weak creature!

There are tribes in Indonesia, they think that if they take from something nature, they must give nature something too. If they cut a tree, they will plant a new one. How wonderful it is if you act like that. Now is the time that you must change. Forget your own luxury for a moment and try to realize who you are. Watch the world around you, and go beyond that. To the farthest desert and disasters. Try to understand the pain that they suffer for years. If they do have to suffer the pain, why don’t you?