This time I don’t see the sun. The wind is blowing tremendously fast, ripping my class room’s curtain next to where I sit now. It’s a cold breeze. It’s making my legs tremble badly. Oh, I hear the sky is making it sound, an echoing noise that flow trough my ears. This time I am with nobody.

Dark is here. Dark is coming when lights are gone to nowhere. Yes, lights is fast and no one can carry it. A massless particles that always move and will never find a way to stay. And what about darkness? A scientist once said, if there is no light, means its dark. So is my soul, when there’s no light, darkness will crept into. Making me haunting needlessly.

It’s raining now. I wonder how come, tons of water can fly far above our head every single second, and at the proper time it just bursts down dampen the soil below us. That if we still have soil under our feet. It’s likely that our feet is no longer stand on the ground, but in a marble or stone, or even many floors away above the real soil. By the way, it has no relations with lights.

It’s freezing, although no snow nor ice fall down into my head. Coldness is also the negation of something. It’s the negation of heat. Heat is the basic of all native energies. It’s like a two-sided blade, it can make you alive and it can kill you. So use it wisely.

It’s absolutely dark. I can’t see anything. My eyes need lights to see. Lights will guide my life until the sun is gone.

I just playing with words, trying to let ideas in my head come out.