A Summer in San Francisco, 2015

It’s been a month since I came back from San Francisco to do my internship at Twitter, and I haven’t written a single word about my experiences there. So in the next few weeks, I will post some writings about how I ended up going there, what I did there, what I learned, and what’s next.

San Francisco is a very beautiful city, I love it so much from the moment I got there until the day I was leaving. The people, the community, the places, and the vibrant atmosphere are just so perfect. In a long list of the must visited spots in the City, I managed to visit some: The Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman’s Wharf, Twin Peaks, Golden Gate Parks, Alcatraz Island, and some more. Doing touristy things is just one of the best way to experience the city (which I did during the weekends), but there are more! Stay tuned!

Goodbye, Indonesia

I departed from Soekarno-Hatta airport on Friday at 6.15 am. It was my first attempt to go to an airport alone. At fist I was afraid I would look like a stupid person lost in a sea of cool people. Turns out I look stupid, but I decided to stay cool.

I arrived at the airport at 3.15am, the airport was busy but I was told by the security guard that my airline check in counter won’t open until 4am. And so I waited for almost an hour. Filled with boredom, I took my kindle out from my bag and read something.

The Happiness of Pursuit, by Chris Guillebeau. This was the book that I read. It told stories about people taking on crazy quests that have a meaningful impact on their lives. The writer alone had a quest to visit every country on earth, all of them. I read a few pages before the check in counter opened.

The man at the check in counter was very nice. I was very anxious before, but he chatted with me, it reduced my anxiety level down. Chill. I have done online check in the day before, so the process at the counter was quick, just toss your baggage and done.

I ran through a few more security checks and learned a few things. It turns out you can’t bring bottled water to the plane. Sigh. I just bought myself one. At last I waited on the gate lounge, and read a few more pages of the book. And then the boarding call came, and I was on board.

Opportunity 2

Opportunities come and go. What you thought would be an opportunity to push your life forward can drag you down. Their outcome depends on your actions and reactions, but no one is a fore teller, the future is a mystery to all of us. Tons of opportunities will come, yet we only have so little time. Be ready to toss most of them, pick a few, and its best to only pick one. Remember that an opportunity that you can control is much more valuable than a bunch of them out of control.

Exhausted, at last

This last few months, I have no idea why my life could be this hard. Not hard in the sense that it is, hard, but hard in the sense that there’s so much thing to do while you only have a little time. I remember that I got many offers to do many things, mostly I reject them, leaving a few that I thought I could handle. I’ve never been so wrong.

I should say no more often. In fact, I should say no every time. And I shouldn’t offer my time easily. I was overconfident, and this resulted in a life so messy that I wish I lived without anything to do at all. The resulting stress felt so heavy, and I was under-performing in any task that was assigned to me.

It is so hard saying no.

GDP Internship Week #3-5

In the third week of my internship, the interns finally relocated into the new office which was much more luxurious than the old office. We were given a space inside a glass room with full landscape view of western Jakarta. After learning something about Docker including the technologies, its use case, its development, and its history, then I begin to try Docker on my own.

I tried Docker on my laptop using Boot2Docker, but it turns out that it takes a very long time (more than half an hour) just to download an image from the Docker Hub. Because each of us were given an AWS account, I install Docker on an EC2 instance. It was blazingly fast, because the network latency is really low, I could download an image in seconds.