Sometimes you just have to follow the river stream to find what you’re looking for. Let go all of the resistances and close your eyes. Be like water, don’t try to crush the stone, but surround it, find another way around. Flow. Enjoy the journey and don’t expect anything from your destination. Be open to surprise. Let happiness flows and experience gathers.

January Sucks

Okay, I learned that January sucks. That moment when you’re so enthusiastic about what you’re going to do in this whole year, that moment when you set resolutions, not thinking whether they will work out or not. And they didn’t.

A month had passed and I’m still feeling strange with my resolutions. To read more, yes I definitely read more. But to write more, I can’t do it yet. I’ve never written anything on my blog on January. Even worse than any previous months I spent without having a target in mind.

Or maybe, targets and goals frighten me. Which is why I kept resolutions to not achieve anything but keep on doing something. But it was the same. Sigh.

For the next eleven months, I will try to be as natural as possible.