A Thief Story

This is my first story that I wrote in English, I only started to write two weeks ago, so I’m sorry if my Grammar usage is not suitable. Perhaps you can correct it, so both of us will learn something. 😀

A few days ago in my village there was a very tragic story about a thief who had killed by a cow. It was cold and peaceful night, not truly clear but a bit cloudy night. In a street Reyhan and Joe were chatting as they walk together. They were two young man around thirty.

“Joe. I have no money at all for my wife and children to live. I had lost my job and I realize that i’ve been idle for more than a half year. What should I do?” complained Reyhan.

“Don’t be so upset. Let’s get some money, dude.” replied Joe.

“But how come? I don’t want to steal anymore since two years ago. I almost lay dead being chased by a dozen men with blades and torches.” Reyhan said heavily.

“Oh poor Reyhan. What else you can do? Do you want you family to die of starvation?”

“I know. But…”

Reyhan seemed disagree with Joe’s idea. He has learned from his experience. Two years ago he was caught by some men as he stole a television from the Mayor’s house. They furiously hunted him, they were like a group of lion running after a rabbit. He was very lucky that Joe picked him up to his motor cycle, and ran away.

“Let’s take a Laptop from Mr. Roode’s house. Yesterday he bought a new and expensive one, it’s no problem if we steal it. He still has the old one.”

“Wow. Do you think it is worth stealing for?”

“Ten thousand bucks I guess. It’s light to carry and sell too.”

“Hmm, Really? So, what do you waiting for? Let’s get some adventure.”

They went home to pick their equipment. After the clock strikes midnight, they had prepared necessary tools to break into Mr. Roode’s house. They met outside Mr. Roode’s house. Then each of them wore a mask and a dark sweater, making them invisible in the dark.

“Hey, is it safe to just break into the host’s room?” asked Reyhan.

“Come on. He only lives with his wife. It doesn’t mean much trouble for us.”

By walking silently, they climbed the fence and sneaked over the garden. Joe opened his backpack and took a corkscrew. Then he carefully lifted the window using the corkscrew without making any sound as Reyhan watched their surroundings. After a minute, he successfully lifted it.

“Is it all right? I’ve opened the window. Let’s get in!” said Joe.

“Very well. Be careful that’s Mr. Roode’s sleeping.”

“Okay, just don’t make any noise!”

Slowly they get into the window and sneak trough the Mr. Roode’s room stealthy as they searched for the laptop. They had spent five minutes but still didn’t found it.

“Hey reyhan, maybe it’s in the working room. He usually put them there. Right?” whispered Joe.

Without replying, Reyhan just point his finger to the door and pass onto it. Carefully Joe close the door and followed Reyhan. They got in the working room and searched for the laptop. They found the new one in the drawer after a minute of searching.

“Here is it. How clever Mr. Roode is. He hid it in this little drawer.” whisper Joe.

“Don’t waste our time. Let’s move!”

They went back into the bedroom when suddenly they heard some voice. They listened to them carefully.

“How many times I would have to say. Close the window at night! It’s as cold as hell!.” Said Mr. Roode.

“I have closed it.” replied his wife with her eyes still closed.

“Look there! It is opened. How can you say it was closed?”

“Maybe it was a thief’s job.”

“What did you say? A Thief? A thief would never robbed a Judge’s house. They just looking for death. I will make them stay in prison for their entire life.”

“Oh whatever. It is better if you close it, than to pointlessly argue about it all night.”

In front of the door’s room. Joe and Reyhand stood desperately but still aware. They found that their escape way was blocked. They were trying to find another way to get out of the house.

“It is safer to get out from the stall. The cows are sleeping deeply at a time like this. We will pass them smoothly.” said reyhan.

Mr Roode had two cows that he kept in a stall in the back of his house. The stall is connected to the house without any separator, so everyone can just pass it without any trouble.

“Okay then.” said Joe.

Together, they went backside and entered the stall. Carefully Reyhan walked among the cows without making any noise. Any sound that can wake a cow means death for a thief. Yap! Reyhan successfully landed on the outer side of the stall. Now it’s Joe’s turn to move.

“Hurry up!” whisper Reyhan.

Then, slowly Joe walked beside the cow’s body. He afraid that he would wake the cows. Suddenly, his slippers slipped and he fell down. The laptop that he carried flung and hit a cow’s head. The cow screamed, and suddenly got mad as the other one started to get mad too. They jumped and kicked and continuously jumped and kicked with rage. Joe can’t move!. The cows were kicking him. He tried to move and run, but the ground was just so slippery. He cried for help to Reyhan. Reyhan was going to help, but he saw that Mr Roode was running after the stall. Reyhan ran as fast as possible against the house and disappear.

Meanwhile, Joe was bleeding and torn badly. One of the cow struck him down. Most of his bones were broken. The cow was now calm as Mr. Roode came, but a cow is still on Joe’s body. Quickly Mr. Rode shouted for a help. And then his wife came. She shocked and cried loudly. Their neighbors were coming one by one. They saw a body full of blood was strucked down by a cow. They tried lift the cow and take Joe to the hospital. But it was too late. Joe was already dead. One meter beside him, the laptop had broken into pieces.

December 11, 2011