The F***s about Irfan

Many people asked me about myself.


“Who am I?”
“Who is Irfan?”
“Is Irfan a Famous people?”
“Is Irfan a hacker?”
“Is Irfan a successful Bussinesboy?”

Actually I can’t answer that Question. (tanya kenapa?)

So I will describe my self with these words about me:

Irfan is a Boy
Irfan is a Human (do you believe it?)
Irfan is a Blogger, skill : beetween beginner and master (so what?)
Irfan is a Hacker, skill : moderate
Irfan is a Cracker, skill : Expert (I don’t think so)
Irfan is a Game Designer, skill : Expert (This is my favourite Facts about Irfan) I like making an RPG game.
Irfan is a Student
Irfan is a Scientist, Skill : Expert (physic)
Irfan is a Doctor (what? who is writing this?)
Irfan is a BussinesBoy, skill : Expert for a boy, Beginner for a real man
Irfan is a Joker
Irfan is a Windows user, skill : Expert, (Once a week my computer will crashing and I must Install Windows again and again)
Irfan is a Linux user, skill : very very beginner
Irfan is a PPC clicker
Irfan is a Poor boy. (yes, this is the real of me)
Irfan’s home town is Boyolali. Do you live in Boyolali too?

So, do you know who Irfan is after reading that text above?
I you still don’t know me. No problem…

What do you think about my English?
Is it bad or enough?

This post is written by me while I was in my 8th grade. I beg you apologize for any inaccurate facts about me. Actually I’m laughing at my 4-years-ago self. Anyway, everything changes, even me.