Traditional leadership books only deal with the complexity of being a leader or manager, but in a startup, we have an additional complexity of building the organization from the ground up. I assume that traditional leadership starts with us having N direct reports, we need to lead them to achieve results. When we joined a […]

There are phases in my life where I can get up every morning, and be very eager to start the day doing what I love to reach things I dream. However, there are also days where even to get up and do the necessary things (like showering and have breakfast) is a struggle. I sometimes […]

Having lived in Silicon Valley for at least 6 months changed my mind in a positive way. In Indonesia, no matter how curious you are and how interesting you are, there is a limit to that. There are things that you can dream of, like building a startup, be a valedictorian, and travel the world. […]

I was struggling with my mental state recently. I was unable to focus for a long time. I have to try hard enough & in different places just to get myself in “the flow”. I think this is a real problem, especially when I am a software engineer, where I need high cognitive load to […]

My life is circular, there are countless of ups and downs that happens to me. I’m not used to have a habit or something that guarantees my success. I’ve tried many things and most of them failed. I have worked in many projects and I only got a small number of them that I honestly […]